But, I digress

Firstly, allow me to apologise for the spelling error in my url.

It wouldn’t allow me to use self-professed, because of the dash.

Letters a-z are fine, it said, it’ll be fun, it said.

… except for the included dash, obviously.

(But, I digress.)

The purpose of adding yet another blog to my little menagerie is to press myself to write every single day. I think wanting to be a writer is a little counter-intuitive – because the only thing standing between my wanting to be a writer, and being a writer, is writing.


Make sense?


For years, I’ve been incredibly critical of my own writing, and self-conscious about showing it to others. I don’t have many other redeeming features, but I’m hoping that my written word will become a point of confidence for me. These little pieces will be barely edited, with no particular word count. The only stipulation is that I have to write every day. I can write more than one post a day, but never less than one.

I would be extraordinarily flattered if anyone chose to read my little walls of text – but you never have to read on. (I just have to keep writing.)

I’ve done this before – several times, if I’m honest. But my hope is – as it always is – that this time, it works.

After eleven years of writing on and off, I’d like to see what I can really do. This will be a place for all those little poetic thoughts I think I have, and all those middle-of-the-night phrases that might never fit into a novel. They won’t really be short stories, or articles, or pieces of prose, but it might become like a body of work. A little commonplace book and enough progress to learn the craft.

I live in hope.

For now, all I have to do, is to start.


Wish me luck. I know I’ll need it!





3 thoughts on “But, I digress

  1. This reminds me of a quote I found in a book. This guy, Ken Robinson, told a keyboard player that he wished he could play as well as he did, and the keyboardists replied with something like “No you wouldn’t. . . . You mean you like the idea of playing the keyboards. If you’d love to play them, you’d be doing it.” So charge forth my dear, I wish you all the best!

    • Thank you so much – I’m relieved I managed to get my point across successfully. I don’t want to idealise writing – I want to make it my work. I am quite nervous about this whole process, but I feel like that means that it’s important to me. I wanted the opportunity to share this with others and hopefully demonstrate that anyone can write if they want to.

      Thank you for your support it means the world!

      • I will support you in anything you do my dear! I really enjoy your pragmatic approach and I think it makes you a thoroughly excellent writer. Writing is fucking hard work and you really have to put in those miles!

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