The Madman & The Doctor

There are many stories older than the story of the Madman and the Doctor.

But, there aren’t many stories that have been retold as many times, in as many languages, or in as many places.

Their little space, the flat, with an attic and two chairs facing each other. An entire palace with hundreds of rooms that change all the time – and a pool. A palace with a Madman at its centre, knowing all of its corners and secret passageways and totally aware of his method, and the madness in it.

Then the Doctor. Ever the soldier, never quite at ease, older than he looks and more tired than he says he is. It was only after he took the Oath did he realise he only wanted to help, and to heal – that he never wanted to be a soldier. But he was stubborn enough to stay. So he stayed, he stayed until he found himself pouring over newspapers for answers to multiple mysterious suicides, looking for answers.

And then along came the Madman, in a little blue box (that was secretly a palace with a pool) with a big, long coat and a lens in his pocket. And they solved the case together, the Madman and his Doctor. The Doctor sat in his chair a lot – for now it was his chair – and tried to learn how to take pleasure in the smallest things again. Fresh milk, hot showers, decent jammy dodgers. He often wonders if the Madman minds that he’s battle-tired.

He doesn’t.

He doesn’t mind because it’s nice to have someone after being so alone, so lonely for so long.

Some people believe they are real, others believe they only exist as characters in stories. But they go on and on and on, the two of them, through all of time and space.

Surviving wars and vast, empty spaces by sitting together and watching the earth just right of the moon, mugs of tea in hand.

They’ll keep working, keep taking cases and keep arguing. I heard that somewhere along the line their most recent case had something to do with the disappearance of the bees, but that could just be a myth.

Withstanding the test of time, both old bohemian souls, they bide their time until they are needed again.

The Doctor and his Madman – the almost-perfect pair.


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