The Things That Matter the Most

So the theme of today’s blog post was supposed to be Australia’s utterly bollocksed political climate, but I currently don’t have the wherewithal or mental capacity to list what upsets me about the behaviour and choices of our current prime minister. So I will save that for another day.

What I will talk about for today, and what I like to talk about most days, is being domestic. I’ve been on holiday in Canada almost two weeks now…and I haven’t really done all that much. I’ve eaten out a lot, been to a concert, gone to two movies, watched several movies and seen a lot of people. And I suppose in comparison to my every day life, that’s a lot.

But I haven’t really done anything particularly touristy yet – although I’m planning a few trips over the next few days, and that will be lovely.

But being with my wife, making tea, watching films, sitting in companionable silence, all the things I said I would look forward to – I love. The novelty of it hasn’t quite worn off yet, and I’m sure when it will, or if it will. I am not a fussy person. I don’t need much. I just like to have company – or, her company. I’m relatively happy to do anything at all, and so is she.

…thus we don’t really do much.

We will see some big touristy things eventually, but right now a Star Wars film and some leftovers sound more appealing than anything.

And you know what? It’s a relief to know that at the end of the day, I can go home to her. I will go home to her. Australia’s political climate upsets me to my very core, so much so that it’s difficult to articulate, that it’s difficult to picture staying for much longer, – but for now I have somewhere else to come.

And that’s a lovely thought. I have the wife (and Star Wars, or the Big Lebowski, or maybe Fargo) and she is all I need right now.


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