King’s or Edinburgh?

Sherlock Holmes <>

John Watson <>

29 January 2010


Dr. Watson,


It has recently come to my attention that your third year lecture on trauma wounds, namely, slide five – Bullet Wounds & Trauma is entirely, utterly and completely incorrect.


You twice failed to mention the angle of the bullet, or, indeed, whether or not the patient had previously injured his shoulder in a rugby game approximately ten years ago.


I have recently studied fourteen types of gunpowder and their respective residue, which can be found here:


One more thing, King’s in London, or Edinburgh?


– SH



John Watson <>

Sherlock Holmes <>

30 January 2010


Mr. Holmes,


I studied medicine and surgery at King’s College in London. After earning my qualifications, I spent several years deployed with the Royal Army Medical Corps.


Sorry — I must have missed your qualifications. They aren’t listed on your personal blog. Where is your alma mater?


While your gunpowder study is as thoroughly methodical and meticulous as it is unwarranted, identifying the precise conditions under which the patient was shot does very little in the way of treatment or prognosis.


I’m attaching a photo that I didn’t include on my slides. The rugby injury was to the acromioclavicular joint; however, it was only nine years ago.




Dr. John Watson



Attachment: leftshoulder.jpg




Sherlock Holmes <>

John Watson <>

31 January 2010


Dr. Watson,


King’s, then.


I don’t have any qualifications. I work as a consulting detective. I’m the only one in the world. I made it up. But I have my methods.


While identifying the precise conditions under which the patient was shot does very little for treatment or prognosis it can be of vital importance at a crime scene.


On your attachment: The bullet was a stray – shot from several hundred feet away, not all fragments were removed, weapon was possibly long-range rifle – although I’m sure you know that already.


Why Canada, though? Tire of the rain?
– SH



(So I started a new universe with the wife yesterday – nothing out of the ordinary, but I just thought I’d share what we’ve done so far, today and yesterday. I can’t take credit for Dr. Watson’s sassy bitterness, that is her brilliant work and I would be utterly lost without her. You can find all of her artwork and some of her writing somewhere here: So. Yes. Lovely. Carry on, as you were.)

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