Musical Greeting Cards (Or Lack Thereof)

My life, at the moment, consists of the following thoughts:

  1. Canada
  2. Moving to Canada
  3. Staying in Canada


Thus, I am a plucky little person who is jonesing to be an ex-pat.

So the wife and I wandered along to the bank to open a joint bank account, in order to prove to the immigration department that we were a legitimate couple and I am not just trying to jump the queue. (We also have to show pictures of the two of us, postcards, letters, parcels, correspondence – but musical greeting cards are not allowed. Miss Watson and I have often wondered what sort of incident happened at the office to create this ban – but that’s another story altogether, I’m sure.)

So, we sat down across from this young woman, (Dana) and she was lovely.

She asked if we were married, if I had any immigration papers, what our plans were, had we set a date for the wedding, how did we meet, how long had we known each other. She accepted us emphatically, totally, completely. I don’t usually expect for people to be homophobic, but I brace for the impact. I wait to be rejected – even though I make a habit of never surrounding myself with people who consider me to be less of a person.

But, no, no, Dana was lovely, and cheerful and helpful.

I suppose I am so incredibly fond of her because she was one of the many possible facilitators in this mad little plan of ours. I have had plenty of criticism over the past little while, sceptical questions, cautionary tales, plenty of Do you really know her though? But have you met her yet?s so it’s nice to meet someone who supported our plan entirely.

I don’t know, little gestures of human kindness just tend to make my day. Little things like that help me to establish that I have made the right choices, that I am in love with Miss Watson and I have every right to be.

I’m not entirely sure how I should say thank you to Dana, but I think I’ll send her a musical greeting card.


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