6pm on a Sunday

They were supposed to be observing a suspect in a case. But…it was so awfully boring. 6pm mass on a Sunday. This is how people spend their weekend?

Sherlock turned his face slightly towards John. After a few moments of watching the other man’s face, his chest rise and fall, Sherlock’s eyes began to smoulder.


“What?” He shifted forward, lengthening his legs, and spreading them so their knees were touching.

“We’re supposed to be…”

“Confessing our sins?” He smirked a little. He leaned in closer to John’s ear.

“Good idea.” The detective rose and moved to the confessional unashamedly, holding John’s eye contact as he went.

Sherlock Holmes wasn’t the type to experiment sexually outside of his own bedroom, but then he was always finding new habits.

And what else can you expect from a man of his habits?


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