A Really Long Rant on Fandoms

So, today’s post will be a little bit similar to one I did earlier, which can be found here:


(But you really don’t have to read that, too.)

This’ll be a rant. I’ll be miffed. What upsets me is when I see a franchise being revamped or redone I see a surge of fans of the original who invalidate the film, or the book, or the television series or the spin-off.

Let me say this: Just because something’s being added to that universe, doesn’t mean that anyone’s going to take the existing pieces away. I can understand a healthy amount of apprehension or tension amongst fans – if this is really important to you, then of course you want it to be done well, with the quality and respect you think it deserves.

But that doesn’t give you the right to bring someone down who enjoys the spin-off, or the film or the book or the television series. That doesn’t give you the right to bring down someone who joined the fandom because of the newest addition to the franchise. Make sense?

The most recent Star Trek film is a brilliant example. Many fans were up in arms about the fact that it wasn’t anything like the original, but isn’t that a good thing? The television series aired in 1966 – that means it’s 48 years old. There have been countless reinterpretations since, and a lot of them have been accepted as canon. (Plus, as much as I love that little lion-dog-unicorn thing I’m a bit grateful it didn’t make a cameo.)

And perhaps nothing quite beats the original television series and what it provided in terms of social commentary and ground-breaking work… but isn’t it fantastic that a piece of writing can be reimagined this many times? I understand that a lot of fans are protective, and god knows those fans are sometimes the solid foundations of any fandom. They won’t budge. And they’re brilliant that way.

… but sometimes the canon gets completely bollocksed, too. George Lucas and the prequels of Star Wars, anyone? Anyone? Sometimes the prequels and sequels and spin-offs are just better. Sometimes the revamps are written by people who are fans, too. The authors and producers and directors who watched the television show or film as kids are now creating it. And they might not interpret the material the same way you do but they enjoy it just as much as anyone else, just a little differently sometimes.

Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Sherlock, Star Trek. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Malifecent, X-Men, Les Miserables, Bates Motel, Fargo, Lord of the Rings, The Lion King – all television programs or books or movies or graphic novels I can think of that are being revamped or never really stopped. Maybe one day they’ll do Harry Potter or Game of Thrones again in twenty years, I don’t know.

Maybe the Thor films aren’t as good as the graphic novels but Thor is also an ancient mythological Norse god of thunder and lightening whose tales were first recorded by the ancient Romans. … I’m not entirely sure how an ancient race of people would feel about their stories being turned into pop culture but maybe the graphic novels aren’t as good as the ancient stories of old works fine too.

This is getting terribly long, and I know this is a contentious subject that a lot of people might like to argue, but I feel strongly about the fact that some people might avoid franchises or fandoms for fear of not liking or knowing something enough to get involved.

Maybe nothing can beat the original because it comes with a certain spirit and nostalgia that nothing can take away or remove from our hearts. Maybe nothing beats the original because it inspired so many other aspects and branches of the story and defined whatever genre it fits into.

But a revamp never hurt anyone, yeah? (Except maybe George Lucas and some Final Fantasy games from what I hear but–)

You get the picture.

(… but can they do more Firefly now, please?)



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