The Black Widow Program

The Black Widow Program – a program that turned women into spiders and girls into weapons.

All throughout history, Natasha learnt that certain cultures regarded spiders as women – Ancient Greek, Cherokee, Hopi. Even fewer believed these women to be old grandmothers who spun the silk of the earth.

The Black Widow program was a program where women became spiders, girls became weapons, dancers became fighters, who turned into assassins.

She didn’t have a name at first. Names were not necessary in her line of work. They were not recommended.

Natasha chose Black Widow because it was dark. It scared her. It was the only thing that came to mind that kept coming back. She’d always wondered, even though she’s out now, even though she’s never been back – how much they influence her.

The ominous they being the people who put her into the program in the first place, so named because she couldn’t remember their names.

The Avengers, though, that was new.

Working alongside Matthew Murdock was even newer.

And he was angry. Nat was always surprised to hear Matty take hits, even though she knew he could defend himself in the very least.

Backed into a corner, shoulder blades pressed into a chainlink fence, sweating and swearing and spitting blood. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, allowing the underbelly to break his bones.

Helping people is not enough.

Natasha can’t be that angry. Not anymore. They, The Black Widow Program they trained it out of her. She is a professional. She suspects she will be until she dies – she’s not heard of too many retired spies. Or, at least, not ones who didn’t change their name and move to the middle of nowhere in the hope that the effort to get to their homes was too much for their former enemies.

She didn’t have anger. All she had? The threat of her name, a weapon and a web spun so fine it nearly covered the world.

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