A Girl Has To


it is terrifying

how little

men may choose to know

about a woman’s period


were you not sitting beside me

in sex ed class? filling out the same book as me?


I studied

semen, and sperm,

seminal vesicles

ducts, glands, deep dorsal veins

and wet dreams


and still

all around me

I hear:


a girl only gets her period once in her life


a girl only gets her period after she’s had sex


a girl has to change her tampon

every time she pees


a girl has to wear tampons

all the time, every day, even when she sleeps

in case her period comes


a girl can choose

when she wants to have her period

like selecting the time for a parcel delivery.



are something that you have

in your stomach

and they aren’t really

that bad.


I understand

that all those sex ed classes

were awkward

and filled with things

filmed in the 80’s


but my 17-year-old self

would be alarmed

by how little you know

of my body

yet you declare


You want to be inside me.



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