The Assertion

you’re not fat, you’re pretty!

is the assertion

as if you can’t be both


or it’s

you should be


for my cat call

because it’s the only attention

you deserve


or it’s

embrace your curves!

and one hundred other labels

like plus-size

or chubby

or curvy


because you’re a ‘real’ woman

after all.



is a word

to be spat

boldly, bluntly

a statement of fact


but it’s not what I would call you.



I wish the English language

wasn’t so narrow

because I find myself unable to describe


how much I cherish

how it feels when I touch you

the warmth

the weight of you

the strength of you


and all the little parts of you

that make up the sum of the whole


and if I had one wish

it would be to take all of those voices

and wrap them up in a ball

and throw them over the side of a ship

and let the sound of the waves

drown them out


until the two of us could hear

nothing at all.



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