I grew up

in a culture where

being queer, or being gay was

the butt of a joke


It was comedic

to be transgender

to be gay

to be a lesbian.


Whether it was

in a rom-com

with a camp young man

acting as friend and confidant


or whether it was

the drunken one-night stand

with a tall lady from Thailand

who’s anatomy didn’t ‘match’

whatever that means


or whether it was

the aggressive bull dyke

who could turn any straight girl gay

even for a day


It didn’t matter

as long as we were


the same way

a gimmick is funny







That is what I grew up with.


In my 20’s

it became subtler

it was subtext

it was undisclosed, unrevealed, concealed

and then



authors, actors, artists


began to confirm

what we’d known

what we’d felt all along.


And we did away

with labels like

beloved friend

cherished companion


perhaps the most

unfeeling of them all



Only be told

that those partnerships

we’d seen

we’d felt

were not part of the

literary canon

were not part of the plan

just not in the script


and then came the romances





Because being queer

is socially acceptable

but just not profitable

right now.



But more and more

I hear the cry

for diversity

for representation

I see the artwork, fan or otherwise,

but most of all

I feel the struggle.





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