my dog

started howling today

because I think he thought

he was alone


even though

I was right around the corner

in the other room


and when I interrupted

to let him know

I was there

he was surprised

to see me


but I’ve been feeling

that way too


eating single-sized


and going home

to sleep


It’s hard

to see

all the people around me

who love me

who I haven’t seen

in a while

because of work

or study

or an unplanned head cold



one day too

I’ll figure out

the irony

of the importance

of creating a stress-free


for all my students


while I am

so stressed

I don’t eat

or I don’t sleep

or the anxiety

turns to bile in my stomach


I just need a reminder

of all the people I haven’t seen

of all the people I miss


I just




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